New Installations

Remodels & Repairs

Service, Testing, Inspection & Maintenance

Design Assist


Piping Systems

  • Steam and condensate systems

  • Hot and chilled water systems

  • Compressed air systems

  • Potable and non-potable water systems

  • Sewer and wastewater systems

  • Natural gas systems

  • Hydraulic piping systems

  • Industrial gas systems

  • Process cooling and heating systems


Mechanical Systems

  • Custom and packaged air handling systems; rooftops; furnaces; unit-heaters

  • Low- and high-pressure boilers

  • Hot water and steam heating systems

  • Chilled water and direct expansion cooling systems

  • Dedicated cooling, split systems

  • Make-up air and outdoor air delivery systems

  • Energy recovery systems


Municipal Systems

  • Water treatment

  • Wastewater treatment

  • Lift and pump stations


Temporary Systems

  • Heating

  • Cooling


Industrial Systems

  • Dust collection systems and bag houses

  • Cartridge collectors

  • Make-up air and scrubbing systems

  • Cyclones and material separators

  • Industrial duct systems

  • Tanks and tank repairs

  • Heat exchangers; retubes

  • Mechanical equipment placement, repair, and maintenance


Architectural Sheetmetal

  • Building siding; sheeting

  • Insulated metal panels

  • Composite panels

  • Penetrations and flashings



  • Custom plasma cutting

  • Bending, braking, rolling

  • Pipe cutting and threading

  • Flashing and trim fabrication

  • Pipe and duct fabrication

  • Welded fabrication

  • Metal sales


Annual Testing & Maintenance

  • Backflow preventers

  • Boilers / CSD-1



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